COLUMN: Klopp tenure shows immense progress

The 9th August will see Klopp start his 4th full season in charge of Liverpool Football Club, having arrived midway through the 15/16 campaign.


By The Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand

The 9th August will see Klopp start his 4th full season in charge of Liverpool Football Club, having arrived midway through the 15/16 campaign.

It is nothing short of miraculous what he has achieved in that time.
His first game in charge was against Tottenham and saw us line up with these players;

Mignolet, Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho, Moreno, Leiva, Can, Milner, Lallana (replaced by Allen), Coutinho (replaced by Ibe), Origi

Subs: Toure, Allen, Ibe, Bogdan, Sinclair, Vilaca Teixeira, Randall.

The game ended in a hard fought nil nil draw. 

It’s fair to say our squad has had a complete overhaul since then and we now have a team capable of playing the game exactly the way Klopp thinks it should be. 

Frighteningly quick in attack but also really ugly to play against. We are the complete package. 

Yes there’ll always be arguments that we need better squad depth to face the challenges that lie ahead in the coming season and beyond and that we need to add to our ranks from a position of strength but as the seasons have rolled by, I’ve become more and more relaxed about our dealings in the transfer market. 

When you think of all the signings we’ve made under Klopp, how many can you say have been a failure? Karius is the only one I can think of… 
Jurgen always insists the best way to improve your squad is on the training field.

Look at how he’s transformed Firmino! So much more than just a number 9. He’s tireless in his workrate, so selfless and is a typical Klopp player. 

A special mention has to go to Milner here too. He’s stood the test of time. Present in that very first game and still an important part of our squad. Klopp doesn’t carry passengers so he’s here on merit and what an incredible professional and he’s still developing?! 

The only player we would have liked to have still been a part of this team that isn’t is Phil Coutinho. Some say we’ve lacked that creative flair on times and perhaps we have but we’ve not done too badly in his absence have we? Champions of Europe again and we came within a whisker of the Holy Grail. 

There might well be a bit of movement in the transfer market having said our goodbyes to Moreno and Studge but it’ll only be minor tweaking of what is an incredible side.

John W Henry has publicly backed Klopp and there’s clearly money to spend so if the right player becomes available, you can rest assured we will do what’s necessary to bring them to Anfield.

We are such an attractive proposition right now to anyone that is in the game for the right reasons. We don’t pay silly wages so the ridiculously overpaid mercenaries need not apply.

If a player is good enough and wants to be a part of an era of domination, playing for one of, if not the best manager in world football right now, welcome to Anfield. 

Youth players could well be brought into the fold in the shape of Rhian Brewster and Ki-jana Hoever. Ben Woodburn could finally come of age and Harry Wilson will be given every possible chance in pre-season to prove he has what it takes to play at the very highest level.

In the (unlikely?) event no signings are made, the gaffer clearly thinks we’ve got enough talent to defend our European crown and have another shot at the title, and if that’s how he sees it, then who are we to doubt him?

Whatever happens between now and 17:00 on 8th August when the transfer window closes, I have every faith Klopp will do whatever needs to be done for us to push Manchester City every step of the way once again and hopefully go that one step further.

Look how far we’ve come but also look at how far we can go. We’re never gonna stop!

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