About Us

Welcome to Radio Football.

Mission statement? Provide a platform that opens up football discussion and debate to the world, with researched, honest opinion. A 24/7 station that plays football podcasts from around the world, and to develop into a fully fledged radio station. With live talk shows, listener phone-ins, live commentary and a whole lot more.

Radio Football is the birth-child of several podcast creations and a growing frustration at the current state of football talk shows.

Be it radio, television or online video content, there is a huge bias towards the big six in England. Not only that, but there is a growing trend of ‘shock’ content, brands and presenters in high places saying and writing things with no real thought behind them but to provoke a mass reaction. Controversy is fine, if you truly believe what you are saying.

At Radio Football, we will endeavour to be honest and humble in our opinions, whilst still bringing exciting, interesting and engaging content to the world of football

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